saturn return

Saturn Return

These photographs form a selection of images from an ongoing series called Saturn Return; a body of work which aims to explore the fundamentals of darkroom photography, and the possibilities – as well as limitations – that stem from directly recording light on a flat, two-dimensional surface.

To date, they have manifested as both black & white and colour luminograms, a process that involves producing an image in the darkroom without the use of a negative. They are created by exposing individual sections to different coloured light: carefully masking, dodging and burning to create the overall illusion of three-dimensionality, slowly building up the final image piece by piece. The work employs a variety of production techniques and utilizes unique hand-made instruments and a range of light sources alongside the traditional enlarger.

I am interested in the distillation of the photographic medium to it’s simplest form, creating works that push the limits of what the process is inherently capable of presenting to the viewer.

For further information on the colour research and testing involved for this project please click here