parcel-shelf portraits

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Parcel-shelf Portraits

This work looks at the idea of the car as an extension of our personal space. We spend so much time in cars that we have become used to them, not just as a means of transport, but as a place where we can be ourselves. In such a hectic life, the car is often the only place where we are alone. Even when we are accompanied by a passenger, they tend to be either a family member or else a personal friend, allowing us a greater degree of freedom and turning travel into a breathing space. I am interested in how people utilize this space.

When we climb in a car we are entering this private space, yet we seem oblivious to the fact that it is a metal box with windows all around. As such, people are able to observe us, just as we are able to observe them. It is this dislocation from reality that fascinates me; as soon as the door closes we are no longer part of the real world.

DV transfer to DVD, silent, full version: 16:30min looped, 2006