circles and squares

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Circles and Squares

The link between text and images is a mysterious one. Images feed our imagination; providing the impetus to construct accompanying stories. Writing, on the other hand, places visual images in our minds. Between these two extremes of reality lies a grey area of imaginary memories. With this work I have not set out to deliberately muddy the waters. Instead, I have tried to simply record the feelings that I have experienced at different points throughout the last year, using each method where most appropriate.

The images and text are not designed to illustrate each other. They act as disconnected snapshots of places, sounds, stories and thoughts; all intertwined to approximate the non-linear disorder and confusion that is everyday life. This can often lead to a sense of disorientation and confusion, yet the work demonstrates that we can take pleasure in the abstract world. We must be content to not understand everything, and instead just experience it equally, with as much attention given to the small details as to the big.

This book is designed as a record of a few of these incidental glimpses, seen from my own unique perspective. We each have our individual directions in life, yet, however we navigate through it we are all treading a similar path and encountering universally recognised feelings. No matter how far we may break from the confines of society and expectation, our paths all ultimately come full circle, bringing us back to the beginning.

June 2006